Charitable Initiatives


Our Quarry Members have always been deeply committed to, and actively engaged in, philanthropic projects through The Quarry Golf Club. While some endeavors are directed at large, national causes, most are focused on helping improve the lives of our staff and the local Naples community that we share. The generosity and enthusiastic participation seen year in and year out is one of the defining aspects of membership in the Club. The Quarry Golf Club is proud to be an engaged citizen of Collier County - one with compassion for those less fortunate and a determination to do something about the problems that exist.

The Quarry Gives Back!

Quarry Members,

As you know, due to the overwhelming support of the Membership the Quarry Kicks Cancer Golf Tournament & Dinner hosted back in March raised nearly $18,000 for local cancer organizations - $12,300 for the Cancer Alliance of Naples (CAN) and $5,300 for the Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support Group!  Below you will find a video link from Jodi Bisogno, Executive Director of CAN, expressing her appreciation for the Club’s efforts and the Membership’s generosity.  This is the spirit that makes The Quarry such a great place to live and play!

Stay safe and enjoy the summer!

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Hi Quarry Golf Club!

It’s Jodi here at Cancer Alliance of Naples. Your support means so much that I wanted to send something special. I hope you’ll watch this video and send it out to all those that helped with the fundraiser! 
Jodi Bisogno, Executive Director

Click Here to watch a personal video from Cancer Alliance of Naples

The Quarry Golf Club Hosts The Quarry "Kicks" Cancer Golf Tournament & Dinner Fundraiser in support of The Cancer Alliance of Naples and Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer.

Click Here to view the short video of this event.